St. Simons Island

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Points of Interest

The Lighthouse

The St. Simons Lighthouse and Keeper’s Dwelling were built in 1868-1872, replacing an earlier light station destroyed during the American Civil War.The tapering brick tower still serves as an Active Aid to Navigation and houses the original third order Fresnel lens. Designed and manufactured in France, the lens casts its beam 23 miles out to sea. The Dwelling was home to lighthouse keepers and their families until the light was automated in the mid-1950s. In1975, the Dwelling became a museum of coastal history, operated by the Coastal Georgia Historical Society.

St. Simons Pier District

Located on the south end of the Island, St. Simons’ Pier Village district serves as the downtown social hub and is a popular destination for shopping, dining and gathering on the pier and nearby lighthouse, playground and picnic areas. Overlooking the ocean and Jekyll Island across the way, you’ll find the St. Simons Lighthouse and Museum, Neptune Park with its oceanside pool and facilities, playground, miniature golf course, and an oak shaded picnic area, fishing pier, public library and theatre.

Avenue of the Oaks

Anne Page King planted the famous “Avenue of Oaks” that highlights the entrance to the Sea Island Golf Club (available to Cloister guests and Sea Island members). Visitors may view the Avenue of Oaks by driving towards the Lodge at the Sea Island Golf Club and circling back. Follow the drive around the magnificent double row of 160 year old live oak trees which create the Avenue of the Oaks

Gould's Inlet

On the northern tip of East Beach, at the end of Bruce Drive, is Gould’s Inlet. Known as one of the best views of the sunrise. Here you can see the southern end of Sea Island, just across the river inlet, and observe many varieties of coastal birds. During your visit you will most likely encounter fishermen fishing off the boardwalk and along the beach, as well as paddle-boarders off the distant sandbars catching some waves. This beach access location offers a shower, water hose, community water bowl for pets, dog bag station, benches and a fishing pier.

Ft. Frederica National Monument

Three years after founding Georgia in 1733, Gen. James Edward Oglethorpe established Fort Frederica to defend the fledgling colony against Spanish attack from Florida. In time, long after the British garrison had left and the original townspeople abandoned Frederica the famed Quaker, naturalist William Bartram, would stand on the grounds of Frederica.

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